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In 1990, after a 20 year career in the optical field, Wildlife and Sporting artist Ron Kleiber entered his first state wildlife stamp competitions and ended up winning the Delaware Trout Stamp and Florida Turkey Stamp contests both on the same day! He followed up shortly after by winning the New York State Duck Stamp competition, being the first New York resident to do so.

After being commissioned by NASA to do a commemorative stamp for the Space Shuttle Endeavor and 14 state and national competitions later, his now full time art career is soundly based. Ron resides in the mountains of south central New York State. Self taught, and learning every day, he

works primarily in oils on canvas along with powdered graphite and pencil.

Being a devoted naturalist and sportsman, many of Ron's images reflect his everyday life, a life he lives to the fullest. "My goals are direct. I strive to make every piece better than the last, and this puts extraordinary challenges on myself. I refuse to rest on my laurels and past accomplishments. My standards are set the highest for myself, by myself. I've had more than my share of setbacks. The one hard lesson I've learned is that 'an artist is an artist'; seldom are they as talented in the business aspect. Unfortunately with success comes the necessity of assistance from others, sometimes helpful, sometimes damaging. The key for a dedicated artist is to let his natural abilities overcome any diversities he faces. One must work past, through and beyond them. As for myself, the tougher the problem, the more determined I am to overcome it and the more prolific I become and will continue to be."

Art isn't just something Ron does, it's what he lives and who he is. Every outing, each adventure brings new visions and inspirations to convey on canvas with strong attention given to composition and anatomical accuracy.

Creating a composition is one of the more challenging aspects that an artist faces. Ron diligently studies the works and theories of such


masters of wildlife art as Carl Rungius, Bob Kuhn and Raymond Harris Ching. The use of balance, contrast, lighting, movement and mood are all important elements needed in producing a powerful and successful piece. These elements and principles continue to intrigue him. Quoting from the master Carl Rungius, "Composition organizes space and guides the eye." For Ron, "adjusting" and "tweaking" all areas, manipulating elements and principles to achieve unification make for a successful conclusion.


Another all too important aspect for this artist is to paint "en plein air" whenever possible utilizing his natural surroundings with small studies to strengthen his insights and abilities. "For me a day spent in the outdoors is worth its weight ten-fold in the studio."

"If by viewing my website, in its entirety, or even to purchase a piece of my work, brings happiness to one or allows people to momentarily forget the turmoil we all face and live with, then that, in itself, is an accomplishment for me."

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Ron Kleiber

Awards and Acknowledgements 1993 - Present

2011 'Honorable Mention' - Delaware Duck Stamp Competition * 2009 '2nd Place' - Delaware Duck Stamp Competition * 2008 'Arkansas Ducks Unlimited Artist of the Year' * 2007 'Featured Artist' - Conneaut Lake PA * 2006 ' 8th Place' - Federal Duck Stamp Competition, ' Best of Show' - Conneaut Lake PA * 2004 'Featured Artist' - Clayton Wildlife Art & Carving Expo, Clayton NY, 'Featured Artist'- Geauga Park Ohio * 2002-2003 1st Place Artist - Best of Show and Peoples Choice at Geauga Park Wildlife Art Festival, Mentor, OH * 1st Place Southern Wildlife Festival, Decatur, AL * 1st Place Kentucky National Wildlife Artist of the Year, Ohio Valley Art League, Henderson, KY * 2001 Arkansas (Stutgart) Waterfowl Festival Artist * '98 Ducks Unlimited "Atlantic Flyway Artist" * '97 and '98 Honorable Mention, National Wild Turkey Federation * '97 NY Wildlife Artist * '96 Ohio Ducks Unlimited Artist * '95, '96 and '97 Honorable Mention, Minnesota Deer Hunters Association * '95 Ohio Duck Stamp * '94 NASA "Flight of the Endeavor" print * '93 NYS Duck Stamp * '93 Florida Wild Turkey Stamp * '92 Delaware Trout Stamp

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